Modeling in New York: Meet Alexandra/July 4th Shenanigans

I came home from my casting sometime in the afternoon. I was upset because it hadn’t gone very well. The other girls were like six-foot-three and here I was, this little shrimp standing at six-foot in my sky high heels. There were two piles on the casting director’s table: the big one and the small one. Obviously, the big one is a no. Can you guess which pile mine went into?

That’s one of the most annoying things about castings and comp cards. They will take your card even if you’re not going to get it. I wanted to go back and ask for my card back because that shit is expensive. Comp card fees can go up to almost $700! Just for pieces of paper with our faces and measurements on them!

The worst is when every single casting director needs one at the casting. Okay, there goes $15 that I’m not even going to make if I get this editorial. Cool.

Casting directors can be extremely ruthless as well. My friend had gone to a casting in Paris and before he was out the door he heard paper tearing. The fucking woman had tore his comp card up into little bits and pieces. Who the fuck even does that?

I punched in the lock combination and successfully opened it. I probably would’ve gone apeshit if it didn’t open due to how annoyed I was so I think God had taken mercy on me. I lugged my tote bag into the room and threw it on my bed. I looked up and noticed a beautiful waif looking back at me with huge green eyes.

“You’re not Xaio.”, I said.

She smiled.

“No, Xaio left. I’m Alexandra.”, she said with a husky voice.

Alexandra was breathtakingly beautiful. She was as skinny as a noodle with somewhat tan skin and a cute upturned nose. I felt a pang of jealousy as well as an emerging girl crush. This girl was hot.

There were a ton of Topshop bags at the foot of her bed.

“Go shopping?”

She shut her computer and sat up straight.

“Oh, yeah. Glenn at IMG took me shopping for casting clothes.”

“Niiiice. Have you met any of the other girls yet?”, I asked, peeling off the black dress I was wearing. I was so used to getting naked in front of people at this point. I mean, we’re all girls right?

“Yeah, I met Ilze and Lucy. They’re cool girls.”

I nodded and chatted with her a bit more. She was 15 and from Estonia. You know those girls that are effortlessly cool and just make you feel comfortable within 5 minutes of talking to them? That was Alexandra. She exuded good vibes that I clicked with. All of the girls were at the Model Lounge in Union Square and I invited Alexandra to come with me. I threw on my olive jeans and white tee and we made our way to the 6 Train.

We spoke more and giggled at a man who had fallen asleep on the train. I knew this girl for 45 minutes and we were already collapsing into a fit of hysteria together.  We reached our location and hopped out with our arm hooked. She had already modeled in Paris and Tokyo and she told me about both places. We ignored the promoters waiting outside of the Lounge and skipped down the stairs. Alexandra and I sat with the rest of the girls. They loved her immediately.


4th of July was coming up and we didn’t know what to do. Mae and I were the only Americans so we were the most excited about it. We made plans to go out to The Dream Hotel with The Promoter.

Over the next week, Alexandra and I bonded quite a bit. I was fascinated by her. She was 15 and had already seen the world and had sex. She knew so much about everything and I loved hearing her speak.

On July 4th, the agency was closed and we all got very excited to go out that night. None of us wore red, white, or blue cause we were too cool. After having a 45 minute photo shoot on the Photobooth of my computer, we hailed a cab. The Promoter had been angrily dialing us where we were and we all took turns updating him with our whereabouts. Finally arriving, we made the already fuming Promoter take photos of us before entering.

me, Ilze, and Mae

“THERE! Are you guys ready to get fucked up yet?!”

We woo-hooed and got in the elevator that took us up to the roof. I don’t really remember what the inside looked like. I remember the incredible view and a ton of people on the outside balcony snapping photos of the exploding fireworks over the Hudson River. We stayed outside for 10 minutes but kept spilling our mixed drinks and decided to go back in.


Lucy, me, Ilze, and Alexandra

There were celebrities everywhere. On the way back from the bathroom, Lucy’s jaw dropped.

“Holy shit, that’s Russell Brand!”

I was hammered so I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself.

“Heyyyy Russell! Remember me? I met you a couple months ago…”, I slurred not even thinking of a location that I would’ve even bumped into him.

He cocked his head.

“My name is Megan!”

Lucy and Mae were looking at me and dying of laughter at my audacity.

Clearly, he knew I was bullshitting and he made a half-smile.

“Megan, didn’t I tell you to call me Rupert!”, he finally said back.

I ballooned with pride.

Lucy finally joined, ” Can we take a picture with you?”


He leaned his head in for a quick photo and disappeared into the sea of people.

The rest of the night was filled with meet and greets. At one point, we ran around like the kids we were and forced strangers to take photos with us. A couple guys tried to hit on us but we weren’t having it. A guy with straight up visible herpes put his arms around my waist and I almost did a backbend trying to back away from him. The Promoter got him off of me and told him not to stand near our table.

Kisses for Alexandra

I met a two guys named Gabriel and Maximo who had partnered up with The Promoter. I sat next to Gabriel and we talked quite a bit. We became friends and he’s now working as a doorman/manager at Provocateur. I love seeing his boyish smile that makes his eyes small.


I met Dempsey Stewart and danced with her. She is a flower child. She looks, acts, and dances like a fucking fairy. When she dances, you can tell she is feeling the music.

She also may have taken ecstasy.

I don’t know what time it was when we decided to head home. Someone had fell onto me and made me bump into a stranger. The guy was short and I couldn’t quite make out his face. I apologized.

“It’s no problem.”, said a familiar voice.

“Wait, what’s your name?”, I asked before taking the last gulp of my spilled drink.


No fucking way.

“Oh, like Ansari?”, I replied as nonchalantly as I could.

“Yeah, that’s me!”, he said exuberantly.

“Oh. True. Um, could I like maybe take a picture with you? My best friend is a huge fan and she won’t believe that I met you.”, I lied. I just wanted a picture with Aziz fucking Ansari.

“For sure.”

We took a photo and he made a face. We both laughed when we saw it.

Aziz and a very inebriated megan

“Wait, dude, what’re you doing tonight?”

He began to speak and Ilze pulled me away, not knowing who he was. When Ilze gets tired, she gets very grumpy and it is time to go, like, yesterday. I waved and followed them. We arrived to our Murray Hill apartment and headed for the kitchen to fulfill our drunchie desires. We replayed the night and danced around like fools. Alexandra joined me in my bed that night and we fell asleep with our legs entangled.

To this day, that was the best 4th of July I ever had. It even beats the last one where I had stolen a sitting mans wheelchair at a party in the Hamptons. He wasn’t amused. I offered him a shot from the Svedka America bottle I was holding and he softened up.


It’s really cute to go back and remember this. We were just teenagers living a very fast adult life. We weren’t celebrating July 4th with a keg at someone’s bonfire like our other friends. We were mingling with older people and sipping cocktails at a swanky Manhattan hotel. You can see that we were still holding on to the little bits of adolescence that we still had left. There’s no better way to put it than comparing it to when mothers take their kids shopping and the kids cause shenanigans throughout the store. It was young, wild, and free type of fun. We had the world at our fingertips.

Alexandra and I



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