Details, Details

Jesus Christ. The amount of people who are saying “your story is flawed” is ridiculous. When asked to give me an example, I’m given “well Newman gets out at 2:30 not 3:30” or “you guys didn’t go to chipotle, it wasn’t in the gardens mall at that time”.

Listen, I did not journal about the exact times we got out of school. Also, we were constantly going to chipotle so even if it wasn’t chipotle it was something like it in the mall. Are you guys having fun analyzing my story and trying to find something to criticize? The story is not about what time cardinal Newman high school got out. Those are just mundane sentences. 

My lord. 

It’s a story drawn from previous experiences and journaling. It’s also written in a narrative form. Just because I said a time that I thought we got out but it wasn’t the time doesn’t mean the story is any less true. Calm the fuck down. 

Just try to enjoy my writing instead of bashing it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Plain and simple.

Can you actually send me relevant questions?



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