Opening Wounds

 I just wrote the next post about The Ex and it brought up a lot of feelings. It’s the same as when I wrote about my bulimia. It’s when you type everything down in a chronological order that gives you a tug of sadness. It’s also weird to look back on my journals and understand what I was feeling at that time. Then to write it down straight from the pages for the public to see. You read something that happened over a course of a year in 20 minutes and think of how fast time really goes by. 

A reader sent me an email and asked how easy it is to be so open about the things I write about. 

My answer is not having any regrets. I have no regrets about anything i have ever done because it brought me to where I am today. 

The Ex was another learning lesson. If I hadn’t moved back to LA to be with him, I never would have gotten that sharp realization that we weren’t meant to be.

I’m thankful for our past relationship. I’m even more thankful for my heartbreak and relapsing because it brought me home to my family and eventually, Brandon. 

It’s all fate and destiny just waiting for us. Timing is fate. I used to curse my bad timing and now I am grateful for it. Everything really does happen for a reason. 

The post will be up tomorrow. Have a great Saturday night!



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